Hey!  I’m Jay.

You might know me from this domain way back in the day when I was blogging about building, buying, and selling WordPress sites for a living (I’ve personally created and sold over 500 WordPress sites).

Or maybe you know me more recently because I’ve worked with you and your business, creating content, editing video, or…mowing your lawn.

Or maybe you know me from the YouTube channel I had with my family, unboxing toys & collectibles.

Or maybe you’re just a family member and you’re the only one reading this (Hi Mom!).

Either way, you’re here and that’s freakin’ awesome (fist bump)!

Here’s what’s up…

My partner in crime wants to break out of her corporate prison and I must help save her!  (#FreeMixx)

That means we have to create new online revenue streams if we want to work at home together,
’cause livin’ in Vancouver Canada ain’t cheap lol.

It’s a tall order, but we are up for the challenge!

So, how are we gonna do it?

Well, aside from watching reruns of Prison Break and taking notes, we’re not entirely sure yet.

However, I do have a few skills that crossover into a plan of this nature.

Some of the things I’ve done over the years (before approaching this upcoming mid-life crisis) include:

  • Buy/Sell toys & collectibles (the first online business I ever had)
  • Graphic/Web Designer
  • Digital Product Creator/Seller (Ebooks, Courses)
  • Create/Buy/Sell (Flip) Websites/Businesses
  • Small Business Web Consultant
  • Video Editor
  • Freelance Marketer/Content Creator (for clients)
  • Ghostface (Ghostwriter/Ghost-Creator)

I get bored easily, I always have…

So, I actually enjoy switching gears often, learning new things, creating new projects (and selling old ones lol), helping people with their business, etc.
If this sounds like you, you might be a multipotentialite like me. 🙂

We’re  gonna try to make this fun and document it all right here and hopefully, through our trials and tribulations, through any successes AND failures, we can bring value to you in one way or the other.

We’re officially starting this journey now, but will start updating here on September 1st.

For now, hang out with us on Twitter & Instagram:

Jay: Twitter & Instagram
Mixx: Twitter & Instagram